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From Broken to a Work of Art

In our minds we always have these aspirations of how we want our lives to turn out. For most of us the end product is nothing like we thought it would be when we were young. Sure; some things have … Continue reading

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Why You Should Read Fiction

I just need to vent a little today. Seems like every few weeks I see a post or a blog that suggests reading fiction is a waste of time or at the very least not beneficial. Some of this I see … Continue reading

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One of the Things You Dread Most In Life

Sitting in my chair reflecting back over the last two weeks. My father, who has Alzheimer’s, has taken a turn for the worse. For the last two weeks he has not know who any of us are. It is a … Continue reading

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1,000 Books In 10 Years

When I wrote a few weeks ago about the Kindle reader I bought and a little of why I bought it. A few people asked me about my reading goals. I have been hesitate in sharing something like that, because … Continue reading

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The Art of Receiving

This past week I had a friend who gave me a vintage Esterbrook fountain pen. I have a deep love for fountain pens, both old and new. What made the gift even more special is that he had painstakingly restored … Continue reading

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Learning To Trust The Artist

Living in the Memphis, Tn area I enjoy going to the Dixon Art Museum. During the summer months they have “Food Truck Fridays” and nothing is better! My favorite section in the museum is the area where they display the … Continue reading

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We Are All Torn Between Two Worlds

As I was reading the account leading up to the last Passover Jesus would spend with HIs disciples I noticed two opposite people in His world. The first was Mary the woman who came and worshiped Him, broke the alabaster … Continue reading

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“Ask It” by Andy Stanley

What I always like about Andy Stanley’s books are the fact that they are easy to read, but have very practical advice. I think this is what most people are looking for in this day and age. He starts off … Continue reading

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Bible Reading Plan for the New Year

I love this time of year and the whole idea of starting over and the excitement of what lies ahead. Each year I always pick a new Bible reading plan to try out. I have done everything from chronological to … Continue reading

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Your Wild and Precious Life

In the closing line of her poem “ The Summer Day” Mary Oliver asks the question “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”. There are times when we are faced with … Continue reading

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