“The Porcelain Thief” by Hun Hsu

book1This is a different book than I normally review, but I was intrigued by the description. I am glad I was given a chance to read the book. I loved the book and the story behind it. Not only did I get an interesting story line but I learned about the history and culture of China as well.

Hsu begins to try and discover his roots based off of family history and a story of a buried treasure. Who does not like stories of buried treasure? Hsu tells of his struggles of being an American Born Chinese. He had struggles both here in America and China as well. He tells an intriguing tale of his families journey through the different wars and their struggle to maintain their heritage. There were times when some of the history became a bit tedious and was hard to follow for me. I enjoyed learning about the history and culture, but it was hard to track all of the names and families. He starts off reluctantly  learning about his family, but eventually begins to understand them and why they became the people they were.

His style of writing made the book easy to read. I think he could have shortened some of the book without changing the story and the outcome. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good story and wants to learn more about the culture of China.

This book was provided to me by Blogging For Books for review.


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Discipleship and Assimilation Pastor at Collierville First Baptist Church outside of Memphis, TN.
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