“Jesus Continued” by J.D. Greear

UnknownThis was the first book I have read by this author. I found his writing style easy to read and I will look for additional books he has written.

Writing a book about the Holy Spirit is not an easy thing to do. Every denomination has there ideas of how the Holy Spirit is supposed to work. There are extremes in all of the view points. I think J.D. Greear provides a balanced and Biblical view of the Holy Spirit and how He works.

He divides the book into three main sections: Part 1 “The Missing Spirit,” Part 2 “Experiencing the Holy Spirit,” and Part 3 “Seeking the Holy Spirit”.  Most books written on this subject are hard to understand and use words that the average person will not know. J. D. Greear does a good job of explaining the basics of the Holy Spirit in a way most people will grasp what he is trying to convey. You may not agree with all of his view points, but I doubt there is any one writer whom everyone will agree with on this subject. I found myself underlining sections several times as I was reading. This is a great book to recommend to friends, people in your bible study class, and people who are wanting to know more about this subject without getting bogged down in a lot of what may be new vocabulary. If you are looking for a book that will give you a basic understanding of the Holy Spirit; then this is a great book for you.


About Mark LaGrone

Discipleship and Assimilation Pastor at Collierville First Baptist Church outside of Memphis, TN.
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