Why I Moved To An E-reader

imagesIn this day and age you may be wondering why anyone would still buy a dedicated e-reader. I had not given an e-reader much thought until the last couple of months. Let me explain.

This year as I was setting my goals I wanted something different and something that would engage me. I set a goal to read 1,000 books in ten years.  I am fifty-five and this would carry me close to my retirement age. I may write a blog post on the details of this goal and more of the why in the future. Today I want to write about the e-reader.

I love reading a physical book. However, carrying a physical book  with me all of time is not practical. Because of this goal I always want some form of a book with me. You will be surprised how much you can do with 5 minutes. I own a Mac, iPhone 6Plus, and a iPad. So why would I need to add something else to the mix? I soon found out my iPad would not keep up and stay charged. My iPad took what seemed forever to recharge and I did not want to drain my phone. Therefore, I began to look for other options.  After much researching I landed on the Kindle Voyage. Most of the books I get digitally are discounted or free, and they come from Amazon. Therefore, looking at the Kindle made sense.

The Voyage was delivered and I opened the package. It was much smaller than I expected. The actual size of the device was about 6 inches, but the screen size was around 4.5 inches. Since the Voyage was here I decided to put the e-reader through the paces. Here are my thoughts.

I grew to like the size of Voyage. It fits easy into one hand and is super thin and light. After a few minutes of using the Voyage I began to enjoy the size.  I found reading on the Voyage easier than on the iPhone due to the fact that the iPhone was long and thin. The Voyage mimics the size of a small paperback which I like. I was also interested in the E-ink. You would think the color on the iPad would be easier, but my eyes seemed to like the black and white experience. The research points out neither is bad for your eyes, but some people will prefer one over the other.

I had  a couple of  unexpected benefits with the e-reader as well. I was able to quickly get lost in the reading of the book. I am not sure why, but it was better. Maybe it was a color issue compared to the E-ink. I also found myself reading more. I do know why this was true for me. All you can do on this device is read. That is it. Nothing else.  With my iPad and or iPhone checking email or looking something up on the internet was too easy. Thirty minutes had passed before I realized I had not been reading. I know this is part discipline and part ADD, but it was a factor.

Are there any drawbacks? I found one this weekend. When I bought my e-reader I opted not to pay the extra $20 to turn off the advertising. Not a big deal. The advertising only shows up as a screen savor and never interfered with the reading. This past Sunday the book Amazon kept pushing was 50 Shades of Gray.  As a Minister I did not want this in my house for my family to see. I always carry my reader to work with me and most people would not realize this was an advertisement and would think I had downloaded the book instead.  I do not use a cover on my Voyage so you can see the screen at all times. It feels better in my hand without the cover. I emailed Amazon and expressed my feelings about the situation and how I could not carry it to work. They responded back in a couple of hours and told me how to go into my settings and remove the book from showing up. They also offered to take away the advertising on my device at their expense. I took them up on their offer. Kudos to Amazon for a quick response and for absorbing the cost to change my device.

Overall I am happy with my Kindle. I still prefer reading a paperback, but the Kindle offers a more pleasant reading experience than my iPad or iPhone. Your milage may vary as the saying goes. I chose the Voyage over the PaperWhite because of the higher resolution. I am not sure you could tell much difference between the two, but there is no way to compare them side by side. The box stores in my area only stock the PaperWhite. I knew I would be reading a lot so I decided to try the Voyage and I am happy with my choice.


About Mark LaGrone

Discipleship and Assimilation Pastor at Collierville First Baptist Church outside of Memphis, TN.
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One Response to Why I Moved To An E-reader

  1. melissa says:

    Mark….great review, and nice add-on to tell about Amazon taking off the advertising. I’ve always found them to be very agreeable. If I was on an e-reader hunt, your post would convince me to go for it. 🙂 ~missy

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