What Is The Trade Off?

Have you met anyone lately who had nothing to do and lots of free time? When I talk with adults who have retired their number one comment is that they may have to go back to work just to get some rest. Everyone I know is super busy. I was talking with someone this week and we were discussing how you never hear anyone say they are bored anymore. With our technology with us all the time we can always pull up a website, or play a game.

imagesJobs have been combined and people are doing way more than they may have in the past. Everyone tries to squeeze in just one more thing. In the past we may have asked what is the cost of all of this, but I think that question is too far gone. Everything is going to cost something in this day and time. Perhaps the better question is “ What is the trade off?”. There are no margins in our day to day life anymore so we are at the point of having to make trades.

Do we add one more project to an over crowded workday? Do we trade doing twenty things adequately for 10 things that are better? Does this effect our family life when we are more stressed and taking extra time away? We all know the answer to these questions and in some work environments we may not have a choice. However, I think we can say “no” more often then we realize. I have managed staff at different times. As a supervisor I knew how much we needed to get done, but I also realize that sometimes I forgot how much they were already doing.

There are costs and trades that will always have to be made. I believe one of the biggest costs in all of this is the time to think and reflect. As Christians we schedule our quiet times to make sure we get the 15, 20, 30 minutes we need. What if God wanted to speak to us beyond that allotted time? How can we work that in? Even in our work place we tend to react more than we think and plan. Some of the greatest theories and inventions have come when people were just thinking in an extended block of time. Bill Gates takes two weeks off a year to do nothing but think and read. Steve Jobs spent time away as well. Jesus often went away to spend time in prayer.

I think the trade off we are making will have an impact in the future. Time like this does not have an immediate effect, but it will in the future. What will the next generation do to overcome this process? There is not an app for that.


About Mark LaGrone

Discipleship and Assimilation Pastor at Collierville First Baptist Church outside of Memphis, TN.
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