Easter – So What?

crosswalkThis past weekend was Easter Sunday and our church for the last few years has done what we call a “Cross Walk”. We have people sign up for different times and through out our community they walk with a cross up and down the streets to remind people about the true meaning of Easter. Many families do this together and it is a great way for kids to be involved. For many of us who are walking with the crosses it is also a time of reflection.

As I was walking I begin to think about Easter, Christ, and what was done for me. When I am training teachers I always emphasize two things. The first is that the people in your class have an imaginary sign on their forehead that reads “ So What?”. They want to know how what we are teaching applies to their everyday life. Many times we as teachers get caught up in the details of the greek words, and background information. These are fascinating concepts for us and it is one of the reasons we love to teach. However, for a lot of the people in our classes they are just trying to make it through another week. They want to know if the Bible can help them now, right where they live.

The second thing I try to emphasize is that there has to be application to the lesson. If you do not have an application when you are finished teaching then you are not through. Our goal is life change and application is a major part of that.

What does this have to do with my walk? I begin asking the same questions about Easter. Christ died on the cross so your sins could be forgiven. If you believed that then you also have eternal life. This is the crux of everything in the Christians life and I do not want to gloss over it. However, for those of us who are Christians the question remains – “So What?” What do we do with this now?

Many people stop their spiritual journey at the point of salvation. They have their “ticket punched” so they can get into heaven and then they go about their lives as they choose. As a Minister I see people every week who attend church and some even go to a small group Bible study. Unfortunately there is little growth and no spiritual fruit. They simply attend church just like they would a sporting event. They listen to a message, sing some songs, and then leave until the next week when they do it all over again.

If Easter is the event that changes everything for us then we have to do something with that. It compels us to tell others about the change in our lives, we operate ourselves in the business world differently than others, and our family life is not just about our needs. In fact our whole life is to be lived like we are missionaries in the area in which we live. Sadly in our Christian culture we hire ministers and staff to do the work, and give our money to send others overseas. The “So What” of Easter is for us. We have to realize Christ never expected us to live comfortably in our cocoons, but to live a life of radical change. His call was not for professional staff, but for each one of us.

Easter has come and gone. Now what?


About Mark LaGrone

Discipleship and Assimilation Pastor at Collierville First Baptist Church outside of Memphis, TN.
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One Response to Easter – So What?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent article, Mark. I will take a good look at my teaching and make sure I address those two.

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