Mother’s Day

IMG_1118Today as per my usual custom for Mother’s Day I wore a red rose bud in the lapel of my suit. What makes this even more special this rose bud come from the rose bushes that we got from my mom’s – father’s – house. It is one of the few plants that people have given us that still is living. I am so grateful that he did not leave us grass and if you saw my yard you would understand, but in my defense we have several trees so I am growing great moss at the moment.

The interesting thing about wearing a rose on Mother’s Day is that you end up explaining what it is for: red if she is still alive and white if she is not. There seems to be a dividing line in age. If you are under 50 you usually do not know much about this custom, but the senior adults in my church always love the fact that I still do this. It is a great touch and a nice way to pay respect to mothers.

I am grateful for my mom and all that she has meant to me. She has given me a great foundation especially spiritually and I know that much of what I am is because of her prayers. She continually gives and sets the example of what a mother and a wife is supposed to be. One of the best things that she does is that she loves my wife! We joke and say that if something ever happened she would choose Janice over me. While that is not really true, she does love her to the point of it would be a close call. What a gift that is for a son.

I am also grateful for the example of what my wife is for our daughter. It is fun to watch them get closer as my daughter gets older. God picked just the right person for us. My family is truly blessed in that we have a family with good relationships.

I have thought a lot about mothers today. Mother’s Day is different for everyone. In the young couple’s class that Janice and I teach some had already said goodbye to their mothers, some people have strained relationships, and I got an opportunity to pray with a lady this morning who for the first time on Mother’s Day understood forgiveness and grace as she was set free from the guilt of an abortion from many years ago. What a great time to celebrate those people who have influenced us in so many ways.


Thank You to all of the Mothers !!



About Mark LaGrone

Discipleship and Assimilation Pastor at Collierville First Baptist Church outside of Memphis, TN.
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