Lessons From a Baby Duck

I am sitting here in my personal prayer retreat place. I have windows that overlook a lake and it is very peaceful and reflective. As I am praying and thinking I am watching a baby duck thru the window. The wind is really blowing and the normally calm water is choppy for a neighborhood lake. Several of the older ducks have floated by and followed the course of the wind and they are moving very quickly. Others have found a way to anchor themselves in the middle of the lake without moving and are huddled together.

This baby duck, however, is going against the current and struggling to swim against the wind. It will get tired and stop for a rest and in doing so, looses some ground. It will start again and make some progress. Why was he struggling so hard to go against the wind? Why not follow all of the others?  As I looked across the answer was obvious. His mother was in cove he was struggling to get to. The best area for him to eat was in this cove. Everything he needed for life was in this cove.  Yes, his hard work paid off and he eventually made it to the place he was struggling to get to.

Thinking about my life now. How much easier it would be if I  would just follow the course of the wind. Letting the wind decide where I land and how I live. I see people do this every day.  Why struggle and sacrifice? Why not just do like most people do and just follow the wind. Do I fight the current and spend time alone with God to get what I need for my life or do I just take the easy way and flow? This would also apply to my life as a husband, a father, a minister, and a friend.

All of us stop from time to time and loose ground. The question is “Do I quit or do I keep going?” There are seasons in life where I do not want to continue. I am tired, empty, and usually focusing more on my self than what I need to be focusing on. After a period of time I usually sense God nudging me gently thru the wind. Look at the future. See the cove and what lies ahead. Everything I need is in His cove and there will be a place of rest.

I have to do different in order to be different.


About Mark LaGrone

Discipleship and Assimilation Pastor at Collierville First Baptist Church outside of Memphis, TN.
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